Thursday, May 29, 2008


The mantra for today...


Isn't it sad that we need to remind ourselves to relax? To stay calm? To reassure ourselves that things will be okay? Or to make ourselves see that things are, in fact, great! I guess thats the price we pay for growing up. We understand more, we have more responsibilities, and more stress. And people like me are one step further! If there is nothing to worry about, instead of enjoying the peace, I will worry about why there is nothing to worry about! There must be something that I am missing, that I have overlooked and will come to bite me later. Or I will be stressing out about how things didn't work out the way I had thought they would. Just feel down and low about the way the day went. Which is exactly how I am feeling right now. Tired, disappointed and frustrated. But I am going to follow my mantra, and am going to go home, take a nice hot bath, take a book and read it till I feel better! I am not going to think about anything else until I feel peaceful again.


Today I am grateful
  • For the fact that nothing exactly went wrong today. Things got delayed, but nothing's quite broken
  • For the fact that I am just tired, and not sick. A little bit of rest will fix this one!
  • For the first lily that bloomed in my yard today :)
  • For the chocolate cake we shared today at my manager's baby shower :)
  • For all the help I am getting for fixing some issue at work
  • For my very normal life
  • For my family! I have recently heard so many stories of strange things going on, that I am appreciating my simple folks even more!


ceedy said...

are aise peace to kabhi nahi cant strive for has to come naturally....and you have to train yourself to be lazy :)

you are so right we are just on some kind of an unknown race to god knows get god knows what results....unless its a bimmer or merc...:)

--xh-- said...

yeah - relaxing is an art which is missing from the lfie of many ppl - on teh run to achive things, pl forget to relax and let the tension out of the steme.. as my mentor Stephen sir used to say 'any machine continuesly wrked to itz full potential will break down one day'. it is very imp to relax and take in the beauty of life adn the thinsg surroud us :-D

Ankur said...

quite nice post... amazing rather...

Relaxation is wat we need most of the times, to chill, to cool down!!!

Well said...

and i m thankful to myeslf and i left by keys inside my room and stranded outside so that i stay away from internet, Tv for 2 hours and just enjoy the nature... the cool breeze!!!!

Cheers!!! :)

aneri_masi said...

@ceedy, arey aata hai. you just need to be aware...find your "hot-buttons" and try not to react to them. it takes time and practice, but very much possible.

@xh, u hit the nail on the head! the human machine needs to cool down, especially after a physically and emotionally draining day!

@ankur, u know what, thats exactly what my next post was gonna be about. lock your gadgets away for some time! imagine u're in stone age and think abt how you would spend your time :) chabhi ka kya kiya phir?

Ankur said...

yaar woh toh frnd aa gaya... i mean i rather thought ki uska intezar kar loon rather going for another extra key... this has already happened with him twice!!! :P

so i got in when my flatmate came!!!

but seriously acha laga after so long, stranded in the middle, doing nothin but thinking!! :)


Anonymous said...

well we have to do it on our own no?

smething like deep berathing and all... but it is not easy :-/

tell yur mind to calm down and jus relax :-/

it never listens :)

but we can try :)

Anonymous said...

Amen, sister! And once we finally get out of the woods and relax, the rest of soooo sweet. Thanks for a great blog.

Albert@ Headspace

Keshi said...

So true. Beautiful reminder Aneri.

These days Im so stressed out at work I get easily agitated. Last nite I came home ard 8pm, all tired and my brains fried...I just wanted to scream. Then I thought I should stop sulking and I should just relax. So I had a nice warm bath, put on my winter pjs, applied some fragrant moisturiser, lit a candle and sat on the sofa sipping hot coffe. Instantly I felt I was in a new world.

all it takes is to tell our MINDS to relax...and we shall be.


Ria said...

I seriously need to relax....i badly need tht! Hav been goin thru a bad phase from the past two days. :( :(