Friday, May 23, 2008


The mantra for today is


Forgive others who hurt you, forgive yourself for mistakes that might have cost you a little too much. There will not be one single person on earth who can claim that he has never been wronged, he has no grudges against anyone. If they can, then they have probably slept through their life ;)

Resentment, grudge is a negative sentiment that is most harmful to the one bearing it. Its like the "dementors" from Harry Potter, they suck away all happiness and fill you with dark, unhappy thoughts. The person you hate probably does not even know about your feelings, and is completely, blissfully ignorant about it! So who loses here? YOU do. You lose your peace of mind, your happiness, and the precious time you spend in thinking about it. And if they do know about it, and if you care about this person, wouldn't it be nicer for both of you if you forgive them? Sincerely forgive?

So folks, let bygones be bygones, get rid of the baggage, and enjoy your precious life!


Today I am grateful...
  • That my work is being appreciated so much. That my ideas are highly regarded, and I am considered as a very important asset to my team! (Yeah, just had that review meeting!)
  • That I will be seeing my family tomorrow. I am going to a wedding :)
  • That my husband greets me with a huge, happy smile when he wakes up in the morning! Its my sunshine!
  • That my friend tried to cheer me up with a funny story. I was not able to explain what was bugging me, and why I was so sad. She didn't try to dig in more, just did what she could to cheer me up. And her effort itself helped :)
  • That I can go home early today. I am tired :(
  • That I am finally able to forgive a very important person in my life. I feel free and very peaceful
Have a great weekend everyone!


Ria said...

U knw forgiving is a very divine quality...i m sayin this coz not many hav this int them....we often hold grudges in our hearts and find it difficult to forgive and let go of tht one thing tht went wrong or dint happen the way v had expected it to be.but i try to forgive ppl who hav done wrong whether they ask for forgiveness or not is another thing altogether.

Keshi said...

I like this post Aneri. Great msg.

Somehow it seems so much more easier to make sense of this forgive n forget concept if ur not hurting when u wrote this. I hv written posts abt forgive n forget, and thats when no one has hurt me at that moment. It just seems so much more easier to think abt it then.

It takes alot of time for broken hearts to mend. Eventually I do forgive too..but I cant seem to forget some things that ppl hv said/done to me. So if I cant forget, doesnt that mean I hvnt really forgiven either?

There is no clean Forgiveness. Or is there?


Pri said...

hmm very important piece of gyaan here...and ur right...sometimes we do need to forgive more for ourselves thsan for others :)

waise i make it a point to show the people i havent forgiven that i havent forgiven them :p

Anonymous said...

tats the way to be!! I m glad..u cud forgiv :)

and u r free

so now njoi yur vacation... and cme back with loads of photos :D

and welll u knw i need to learn this also!!

u r blessed with so many goood friends :)

Ankur said...

the first part is so true :)
seriously grudges rakhne se kuch nahi hota, kal raat ko i was very angry but subah uthkar maine yahi socha ki kya fayda hai.. :)

kewl, ur efforts have been recognized... party party... :D
humme chaiye :D :D


and u r blessed dont worry, and we are that we have u as a friend (if i may call so ;) )


Vrij said...

Indeed its very important to forgive n forget.. the more we keep things bottled up within us, the more we are fighting with ourselves..

aneri_masi said...

@ria, you are so right. Grudges and resentment are such a huge impediment to progress of any kind!

@keshi, i disagree. Forgiving means remembering what was done/said, and still not feeling bad about it, not being affected by it. Its more like saying I know you hurt me, but maybe I understand why you did what you did (there is always another angle to what happened, isn't it?) and I forgive you. You will never be able to forget (unless you have amnesia or something).

aneri_masi said...

@pri, right on! It heals us more than the other person.

@veens, yep, its a big load off my mind, not completely gone yet, but it will. Will tell you abt it sometime.

@ankur, party to year-end review pe agar bonus/raise milega tab hogi. This was just a mid-year one, just a pat on the back.

aneri_masi said...

@vrij, you are so right about the "fighting with ourselves"! Thanks for the comment :) achha laga :)

Keshi said...

that really made good sense. tnxx hun! I'll keep that in mind. :)