Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Be Present!

I woke up and read Ankur's post first thing in the morning, so am not feeling grateful for anything right now :( Such things just shake up your faith in the world, don't they? Aren't the cyclones and earthquakes enough? What is it that drives them? A promise of heaven after life? Give me a break! Why not spend your energies and creativities in making heaven right here on earth instead of dreaming of something that might not even exist?

Am not feeling grateful, but I'll still take a shot at it.

My mantra for today, which I had thought of before I went to bed last night is:

Be Present!

This is straight from Oprah...
Staying present keeps us in the moment which is where life is. Life does not exist in future predictions or past grievances; all we have for sure is right here and right now. Every moment teaches us something, and if we are busily trying to change or control something we miss the grace intended for us.

I read it on her website a long time back, and it really struck a chord. I have a tendency to dwell either in the past (negative things! That didn't work out, this person hurt me, etc!) or worrying about the future (I have to do all this work, and I don't think I will be able to finish it, and if I don't then blah, blah, blah!). I was totally miserable when I went down these trips. This article on Oprah made me realize that I am not living well! By dwelling in the past, I am only creating more bad memories to think of in the future. What a vicious cycle!

This song says exactly the same...

आने वाला पल जाने वाला है
हो सके तो इसमें ज़िंदगी बिता लो
कल जो यह जाने वाला है!
I particularly like this stanza...
एक बार वक्त से लम्हा गिरा कहीं
वहाँ दास्ताँ मिली लम्हा कहीं नहीं
थोड़ा सा हँसाके, थोड़ा सा रुलाके
पल ये भी जानेवाला है

(Keshi, am gonna ask Veena or Ankur to translate this properly for you, and will update it later, ok?)

How I wish this is not what I decided upon for today. Its a sad present today :(

Now for the blessings section, that I really feel like skipping today.

Today, I am grateful
  • That it was 7 bombs, not 100 :( (this does not make any sense to me either!)
  • That the 8th one was diffused
  • That, selfish as it may sound, my family and friends are still safe, for how long, I don't know. But they are safe right now.
  • For the relief workers that are trying to help in whatever way they can
I think I am done, a shorter list than I wanted, but that's it, can't do no more :(

Yesterday's peals of laughter were contributed by:
  • Abhishek's comments to my baby steps post. Hilarious!
  • Me myself, going nuts with the camera!
  • Hubby dear, just being himself.
  • Me, the hubby and the "clean the vacuum cleaner project!"
Lets all pray and wish for peace! Very, very sincerely! Please!


Ankur said...

u know this was the shockin news i got from a friend over sms... and i was like all shocked.... called home first thing, and they didnt pick up for 4 times, anshu, home, dad, and again dad tab uthaya...

such has life become... all terrible, even i may sound selfish when i say that my parents and family are safe and i was a lil relaxed but wahan par sab apne hain yaar :(((

aur haan keshigirl... if u need the translation, i will do it ;) ;)

**Me, the hubby and the clean the vacuum cleaner project!

grammatical error... sudhar ki aasha hai :P :P

chalo ab hanso ;)


aneri_masi said...

@ankur, man, that must have been some very scary minutes before they picked up. jaan nikal rahi hogi :(

And, true, sabhi apne hain! can't value someone's life less simply because we didn't have the chance to know them!

And...there is NO grammatical error. It was indeed "clean the vacuum cleaner" project! No kidding! Its so funny and yet so embarrassing that there will not be any posts about it!

ceedy said...

sad but real!!!

Ankur said...

haan yaar... i was worried ki y rnt they pickin up the phone, and i wanted to shout n cry :(((

but hopefully everything is alright :)

and yes, all are mere apne yaar... :((
still no idea if any friend has suffered any casualty or not :(
i hope not :)

and ok... then the "The" thing is extra, :D :D

--xh-- said...

yeah.. that ws a shocking news to wake up to...
'clean teh vacum cleaner' project? :-D do a post na :-DD

Anonymous said...

i translated it... but i m not sure if it will make sense or what.

dad had gone to Delhi... mom n me... were freaked out too! she was literally crying! and well for a split sec... i thought... hw i helpless i felt... that even if i knew smething wud happen.. i had no way to fly and get there!!

it was scary the feeling!

that one from Oprah and the song make complete sense :)

I feel sad for what has happened!

when peeople ...die of natural calamity... we can understand that! but this... i dnt understand! what GOOD do u thnk cmes out of it!!!!

they need help :-(

SwAtI said...

Its terrifying to hear such shocking news one after the other.. earthquakes..bombs..what not!!

You are so right Aneri! We can n must create heaven right here on earth.. But we r so busy creating hell.. I don't think hell(if any such thing exists) would be any worse than what is here..

I liked your Mantra for the Day!! I definitely need to follow it.. :)
Take care!
God bless!

aneri_masi said...

@swati, this mantra is a very important one for me, its a life-saver!

aneri_masi said...

@ceedy, yeah :(

@ankur, hope all's well. sabse baat hui?

@xh, can't post about it, I have a reputation to maintain here on blogville ;)

@veens, dad se baat ho gai na?

ceedy said...

Hey BTW I am grateful to you for the list you put up for the Dads...on Cinderella's Blog...

it pertains to both parents and was a very thoughtful read...

thanks !!!

Pri said...

loved the quote from oprah...it really makes soo much sense..thanks for sharing it with us!
and 'aane wala pal' is one of my favs :)