Monday, May 12, 2008

Take those baby steps!

The mantra for today is:

Take Those Baby Steps...

I thought of this one when I was exercising today. I use this DVD called "Slim in 6" by Debbie Siebers. She claims that if you follow the DVD for 6 weeks everyday, you will be really toned and strong. I bought it a few months before my wedding, when I was sitting in front of the TV, with a tub of ice cream, fretting about my increasing weight. And there comes this ad of hers. I bought it.

And boy, is it tough! The first day I tried it, I almost died. I just could not keep up with her. Arm somewhere, leg somewhere, and then she says, with a sweet smile, "follow my breathing". You kidding me! Follow your arms, your ankles, your knees, your butt, and now your breathing too! All that with my stomach pulled in? I literally screamed at her, "Abey chup kar!" (Be quiet!)
I was ready to quit in the first 15 minutes itself. Debbie said, you'll be better tomorrow. So I tried again the next day and the next. Debbie was right. It did get better with practice, and after 6 weeks with her, I was good enough to give a VS model a run for her money!

Today, I was so fluent with the routine, that I didn't even need to listen to Debbie. That's when I remembered my outburst the first day, and how the little baby steps I took that day had become long, confident strides!

Now for this weekend's blessings:

I am grateful
  • For the opportunity to meet my college friends after 12 long years! It was a blast!
  • For the internet. It was my eldest sister's 23rd (!!!!!) wedding anniversary and we were all able to reminisce about the day through our yahoo group! Sis had a truly unbelievable story to tell about it. I was really young, so all I remembered was the food and clothes and the people.
  • For all my blogger friends!
  • For the return of Pri!
  • For my husband's love and patience
Weekend special: Mini-reunion with my college friends!

Have a great week ahead, and please feel free to share your blessings with me!


Anonymous said...

Nice!! do u think i shud also buy it thes :D

alright i knw... the message u really wanted to pass along; but weight loos ki bat aaye toh kuch sunai nahin deta :))

if this is sicrit to Kareenas figure... i m on it :D

gimme gimme!!


wais eu r right.. one step at atime... remember my gym :)) same to same na!

hey good! 12 yrs?!!!!!!! wow! nice!

yenjoy the weekendd!

Pavi!!!! said...

Reunions are the best things on earth!

aneri_masi said...

veens, I like it, so wouldn't say no :) kaafi mehnat karwati hai, all with a sweet, angelic smile on her face. as if its a walk in the park or something. grr! achhi hai lekin, i had a couple yoga ones before this, and they were SO boring.

Keshi said...

Keep up the good work hun!

Pri was away? i didnt know.


Abhishek Khanna said...

baby steps..
i remember a govinda movie in which he takes baby steps :D

SwAtI said...

Wow!! This one's meant for me..

I did take those baby steps last week..enrolled myself for aerobics classes.. :)
but 6 weeks is certainly too ambitious for me :( jst hope it doesnt take 6 months to get into good shape.. :(

Good to hear abt ur Reunion.. Must be exciting to meet ur frnds after a long time..

Amrita said...

The idea of this blog has inspired me to start something similar.

aneri_masi said...

@keshi, she was gone for just two days :)

@abhishek, ROFLMAO! Govinda rocks! Thanks for reminding me of those baby steps!

@swati, yayy to you :) Do it with the right spirit, and you will come to love it, and won't want to stop even after you have reached your goal. Sweating it out in the gym, or even outdoors, is so much better than anything else!

@amrita, thanks! I am flattered!

Pri said...

wowww...that really works?? coool...gotta try it someday! :D

heyy and soo sweet of you to miss me...but im addicted...even though i dissapear, it HAS to be only for a while..
i can never leave addicted! ;)