Friday, May 9, 2008

Spread the good cheer!

Today's mantra is:

Spread the good cheer!

Think about this. You are feeling really down, helpless, and what not. Someone passes by, and gives you a very nice, bright smile. Didn't that make you feel better? Even a little bit? Come on, admit it, it did!

I had read this a long time ago somewhere:
If you see someone without a smile, give him one of yours

I say,
If you see someone without a smile, give him one of yours, and then 4 more to 4 others! Let it multiply 5 fold!

A smile from me :)

This picture reminds me of a story from way back when my niece Aneri was really little, maybe 2 years old. She lived in Oregon at the time. She woke up in the morning, walked out to the living room, looked out the window and said, "Good morning, sunshine!". Its Oregon, there's no sunshine! But she said it with so much cheer and happiness, that it stuck with me! Its such a nice way to start the day!

Ok, now the blessings list!

Today I am grateful for:
  • The alarm clock! You should be too! Else I would still be sleeping, and no posts nowhere from me :p
  • Friendly strangers! The ones who smile at you for no reason, the ones that hold the door for you, the ones know the ones :)
  • People that take time to help! This is specially in reference to a colleague who is SO patient and helps and explains things even if it takes a really long time for the rest of us to understand. He's awesome!
  • People who take time to say "Thank you", who show their appreciation in any which way they can!
  • For this really bad pasta that I just bought from the cafeteria. Bad as it is, it is better than being hungry!
  • To my colleague who offered me her lunch of lemon rice after seeing that I did not like what I was eating!
This is what made me laugh today:
  • My colleagues joking around
  • Veens' post about her new "boy friend"
  • Watched "Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi" yesterday, that was good. And then "Home Improvements", that was totally hilarious!

Today's special:
Its Friday!!!


Anonymous said...

You know what... I did... write a 1000 funny posts just to make you smile!!

You know.. I terribly missed you... youwere in sme kinda MEETING! phew.. you know you should have got 100 msgs in IM :P

and Good Afternoon SUnshine :)

It is Saturday and I m going to sleep with a nice nd bright smiel ;)) thinking of my new BF silly not u :P

okok... u :P!

Where is Pri !!

aneri_masi said...

@veens, yep, got allll your messages, and a lot of cheer! Thank you!

na, na, don't think about me, usi ke baare mein socho.

carolinagal said...


Nice profile pic ;)

anamika said...

nice profile pic:)

SwAtI said...

Hi Aneri!!

Loved your mantra for the day!!
M going to do just that..Spread the cheer!! :)
Wish you a great day!!

Ria said...

hey nice post!!and u r doin a gr8 job spreadin the cheer.very inspiring indeed :)

Anvita said...

keep smiling only spreads like fire....n as they say its takes only 17 muscles to smile n 43 to frown , i guess smiling is a better option isnt it....

aneri_masi said...

@cg, ria and ana, thanks!

@swati, yayy, am glad you're going to do the same :) read your comment first thing this morning, am feeling cheerful already!

@anvita, yeah, now that bit of info shld get the lazy ones in action ;)
Hey, read your other comment. Please feel free to list out your blessings here in my comments if you feel like and have time. I know managing 3 blogs is getting a bit overwhelming for me too!

Ankur said...

maine is par comment kara tha :( :(

kahan gaya???

:(( ((((((

u know wat, maine yeh blog ab tak blogroll main nahi dala...coz there is some problem with my blogroll and its not lettin me update mine :(

but will try as soon as i reach Pune... m reachin there on Monday... :)

aap kaise ho???

waise u know ... veena ka naya post... :P :P
usne mera patta kat diya :( :D hehe

kaisa chal raha hai???

still ur weekend is there... mine only 1 day is left... and then i m goin back *sigh*
no more fun :((((


aneri_masi said...

@ankur, pata nahi, samby bhi yahi bol raha tha, that he put in quite a few comments, but none came through. Main blogger dashboard se hi publish karti hoon saare, in one shot, so can't have missed it.

neways, yeah, humara weekend to bas abhi shuru ho raha hai.

veens ne patta nahi kaata yaar, jaise uske BF ki GF hai, waise veens ke liye tu hai ;)

Ankur said...

haan yaar... peeche hone ka yeh ek fayda hai... mujhe kabhi-2 lagta hai ki weekend main america main mana loon, ek din extra mil jayega :P :P


P.S. a new post is up :D

Anonymous said...

Ankur... sunn le ... Aner is better understanding see :P

Keshi said...

Superb post hun!

I read some funny blogs today...and that really made me smile :)


Neeku said...

Thats so true... Oregon doesnot have much sunshine!

Anonymous said...

masi...why is friday so special...cause u get sat sun off or sumthing else?

aneri_masi said...

@samby, aur kuch soojh nahi raha tha, LOL!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Pri said...

aww thats so old is aneri now?? :)

guess i missed out on a lot in 2 days time..veens got a new bf?? :o
hopping over there now...


SwAtI said...

Waiting for Today's Mantra... :)

SwAtI said...

WOw!! Thanks for that early bird present!! :D

I have blogrolled you.. :)

aneri_masi said...

@pri, she will be 10 in august. Actually, you won't believe it, but I follow quite a few "Anerisms" in my day-to-day life. stuff she said or did when she was around that age. Ab to badi ho gai, not so "wise" anymore ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.