Saturday, December 27, 2008


Opinions are ... like you know... you have heard it before... like ... a**h****.
Everyone has one. But seriously, whose do you use? Yours or someone else's? (sorry! couldn't resist it, hehe :)

So look unto yourself for "what to do"!

There will be nay-sayers and there will be yes-men. So who do you believe?

One person looks at you and all you do and says, "you are multi-talented! You are so good at so many things!"
And the very next instant someone looks at you and all you do and says, "You are good for nothing. You cannot do anything right". who do you believe? Yourself, of course! Who else will know how you feel?
Who else will know whether you have given your 100% to something that you get criticized for, or 10% to something you get praised for!

You and you alone can be the judge! And what is more, you are accountable to yourself first and then anyone else. You have to set your own bar and work towards it. You decide what satisfies you and what does not. After all you are responsible for your own happiness, not someone else! Right? know....opinions also...use your own!