Sunday, February 4, 2018


noun: security; plural noun: securities
the state of being free from danger or threat.

It is your job to figure out why you don't feel secure - whether in a job or in a relationship or in whatever other situation. What is it that you are afraid of? Once you figure out what it is, figure out what YOU can do to make the fear go away. Again, every fearful situation is different, and the steps you take for feeling ok will be different. Some times the threat is real, but you will find out that most often, it is just our minds getting "creative". The process of answering the question - "What am I afraid of" leads to "why am I afraid of it". That leads to "what will happen if the fear is manifested"? More often than not - the answer is nothing! And the fear disappears just like that!

Today, I have learned that a sense of security, just like happiness, is an internal job.
If you don't feel secure, nothing anyone will say or do will make it go away. Only you can make yourself secure.

Friday, May 19, 2017

What I have learnt so far...

I came across The Life Lesson Series started by Abubakar Jamil and Faroosh Brock. Its an amazing collection of insight from people all over the world. And its open to anyone who wants to contribute!
I had been wanting to write up a post for the series for two days now, and kept thinking and thinking about what to write. I figured it will come to me when I do start here goes.

Smile at your loved ones, smile at strangers, smile at yourself when you see the mirror. A single smile can wipe off many worries, can bring a lot of hope, can brighten a dismal day.

Never give up hope! Hope is what keeps the world moving.

Respect time
Other people's as well as yours. Time is precious, something that will never come back. Spend it wisely.

Try not judge
You and I are no one to judge another's situation. We have no idea what they are going through. Even if we claim to understand, we cannot FEEL it.


I have not been here in so long! I should come back more often and share my thoughts and feelings.
Aiming for once a week for now.

If anyone is reading this - any ideas on what I should write about? I'd love some feedback.

Monday, January 12, 2015


I wish I wake up to a peaceful and happy world tomorrow!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Unleash those ideas

So...the multi-talented, "modest" (NOT), multi-tasker that I am, I picked up yet another "hobby"...making jewelry! And any new hobby warrants a brand new, dedicated blog. So that's been done too.

A distant (technically), close (practically) relative just found out I have blogs...because I promoted the jewelry one on FB. She said she loved to read blogs, and went through all of mine. And left an email how much she enjoyed reading about everything I was upto. And I replied, yeah, there's a lot of things I start, never continue with anything. To which she responded, well, you at least start, I don't even do that. She said she read all my posts, enjoyed them, but was too lazy to comment :)

Well, I ain't lazy now, am I? Had to come up an entire new post to respond to her!

Her comment got me to think, what is it that stops us from trying things out? I know this girl, lets call her Concha, (hehe :) is an amazing painter. There may be other things she loves to do as well. I have noticed folks that are artistically inclined find various outlets for their creativity. So I bet there are other things too.
So what is the roadblock?

I came up with a few things that would apply to me....
  • Daydreams....some of these amazing ideas I have, that I never got around to implement, are simple flights of fancy. They may not be difficult at all, but are just passing thoughts. They come, make me smile, and go away. Off late, this has started to bother me. I seem to find jewelry design ideas in pretty much everything that I see. (My shoe laces got a good bit of attention today! No, don't worry, they are not coming off my shoes and going onto someone's neck! I will buy new ones :p). Especially at night, when I am tossing and turning, and thinking about what I should do the next day. Amazing ideas! Which are gone by the time I wake up. I don't have a solution to this problem :( You may suggest that I note down my ideas and refine them later. Can't do that. I would never sleep if I did that! The only half-baked solution I have come up with is to think of one or two projects at a time instead of letting my mind wander the universe. If the scope is limited, I can focus and remember better.
  • Ease of implementation...this can definitely be detrimental, epsecially when you dont have all the material and equipment you need. But this can also be an opportunity to think outside the box. I have done that quite a few times with my jewelry..the standard component is not available, but I absolutely HAVE to finish something to find peace of mind. Rummage around, use something else, and voila, interesting new technique. I have turned into quite the hoarder too. I collect things that catch my eye even though I am not sure what I will do with it. I recently asked my husband to give me some of the used postage stamps he collects...want to turn into a pendant, I said. He gave me a funny look, no stamp :(
  • Laziness...we are all guilty of it :) When we have our idea, we mostly think of the end product. Not the work that goes into it. You start to think of the mundane things, and you give up even before you start! I DETEST doing accounts for my jewelry business, actually so strongly, that I sometimes think why am I even doing this! Luckily for me, my husband set up an easy spreadsheet for me to use in the beginning and my nephew is helping me find more powerful software that will help me get this beast under control. If this is what is stopping you, find help! Someone else might actually like doing what you hate (no, cleaning up your mess does not count here!)
  • Lack of time...I think this is mostly an excuse. Sometimes it is a genuine reason, but mostly it is an excuse. Whenever I feel I do not have time to do everything I want to, I think of a friend of mine...she works full time in same office as me, has two small kids, goes part time to grad school...and she managed to run a half marathon. Just thinking of her makes me get off my butt and get going!
  • very important. If you have folks you can bounce your ideas off of, who would encourage you to get better with your efforts, the enthusiasm stays. Boredom is kept at bay if there are others involved. My friends and I started a "craft club" 2 yrs ago. At the first meeting itself, we were all wondering how long this club would last. We meet once a month, everyone brings their own project to work on, share ideas, learn new things and have a good time. We will have our 2nd "birthday party" next month! Whodathunk!!! Building a team is definitely going to make your interests stronger and deeper. So go out there and find your buddies!
  • Sense of purpose...this is a big one for me. Most of my crerative pursuits died in their infancy because at some point I would think why am I even doing this. Am I achieving anything at all? Most of the times, the answer was "nope". Other than using the time to do something other than watching tv, or reading, nothing else is accomplished. On the contrary, hobbies can be expensive. You want to buy the best equipment, get the best training..all of this costs money. I am pretty frugal by nature. So I get all my training through library books, use material I can find around the house (no, no, don't worry, I am not going to use those shoe-laces) and so on. Even if the money factor is taken care of, I would not be happy after pursuing something for a few months. I needed a "purpose". And I got that for my jewelry hobby! Folks loved my designs, offered to buy them, and I donated the money. A lot of good achieved, I am happy I get something challenging to do, my friends are happy they have something unique and beautiful, and the charity gets much needed funds. I have my purpose!
I would strongly encourage everyone to atleast give their ideas a chance to see the light of day. You will feel good, may decide this is what you were meant to do with your life and continue, or decide that you don't really like it, and be glad that you tried and now you know for sure!
That is what happened with my "writing career". I love writing my blogs, so thought maybe I should try some freelance writing work. I tried to find something I would like. Believe me you, I could find nothing! This made me realize I am not really a writer, I just like to talk and say what's on my mind. So gave up on that idea, but am glad that I know that this is not for me. Write your blog, and be happy. No need to worry about making a living out of it.

So Concha, unleash your ideas and enrich the world with the vibrant colors of your art! And if this list does not cover your reason for not trying, then let me know, will throw another post at you! All the very best, dear!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Going to distribute warm clothing..

This is a post by a friend of mine living in Delhi. Excellent idea, needs very little organizing, and anyone that has a will can do it:

 Hi there, we are planning to distribute blankets to the needy on the streets of Delhi. the plan is to buy as many blankets as we can, get out in a car at night and distribute the blankets to people who are on the streets. We don't need actual numbers to get going... we just know that there are hundreds and thousands on the dying of the chill while most of us chill out on new year's eve...

Here is his original post ... Going to distribute warm clothing (blankets)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

This world is awesome!

I stumbled across this blog that I have fallen in love with. It gives pointers on How to Find Your Happy Place. Galen Pearl has a lovely way with words, makes everything so easy to understand. I read her post Awe is Awesome first thing this morning. Loved it! It made me stop and look at the wonderful world we live in. Here are some awesome things I noticed today.

Pomegranates! We have a small pomegranate tree in our yard, and we harvested about 7-8 of them this year. I was trying to separate the juicy, red arils. It was a tough job. They were so juicy, that a little bit extra pressure and I would get splattered in red! So juicy that if one of them fell to the floor, the floor was splattered in red. That's when I had my awe-filled moment! This fruit is amazing! It is packed to the brim with such delicate things. And each one of them is safe inside the hard outer skin, separated into separate sections with soft white membranes. Perfect design! Awesome!

Fruits in general are awesome! I love most of them, and am overdosing on pears these days! Nature is amazing, so many different fruits, each one with a different structure, texture, color and text. Awesome!

The human touch is awesome! One loving hand on your head will make a nasty ache go away, even if temporarily. One loving hug will take away so many worries. So simple, so powerful! So awesome!