Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Go on...make the first move...

A favorite song of mine is this one from the movie "Thodi See Bewafaai"

हज़ार राहें मुड़ के देखीं , कहीं से कोई सदा आई

(Rough translation: I turned around a thousand times, but no one beckoning to me...)

It is a very poignant, very soulful song. It is picturised on a married couple, they are very much in love even after years of separation. The song depicts how they are yearning for each other, but are waiting for the other person to take the first step.

He says...

तुम्हें ये जिद्द थी के हम बुलाते,
हमें ये उम्मीद वो पुकारे...

(You wanted me to call you, and I was hoping that you would)

And she says...

है नाम होठों पे अब भी
लेकिन आवाज़ में पड़ गई दरारें...

(I still have your name on my lips, but my voice is hesitant)

The song starts off when they are still young, and ends when they are quite old. What a waste of time and emotion! All that was needed was a phone call, a few heartfelt apologies, and a new (and hopefully better) beginning!

I am sure we all will relate to this situation, where we are desperately missing someone, but are too reluctant to take the first step. It may not just be someone we are romantically involved with, it could be a friend, a parent, a sibling, just about anyone.

We are afraid of how they will react, whether they will accept us back or not. What if they lash out in anger and ask us to go away? What if they insult us? What if they don't feel the same way as we do? What if they simply ignore our existence and walk away yet again?

I would say, more often than not, the other person is also waiting for you. And will offer their own reconciliation once you make that first step. And even if they don't, well, you still have nothing to lose! At least you will know that you tried your best.

So lets begin this new year by letting go of our egos, and making that phone call to the loved ones that we are missing so much. It seems scary, but might turn out to be quite easy after all!