Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I feel lucky today

Its one of those days, I am bored, feeling all "empty inside", a little down (dunno why, everything seems pointless today!) Maybe its the clouds, no sunshine today! But I will still try to count my blessings.

Today I am grateful...
  • For coffee! Or else I would simply have slept my life away!
  • For my job. I get to do what I like, and I like what I do!
  • For my colleagues! Its like a family, no kidding!
  • For my cushy, comfortable life. Nothing seems to be wrong :) (And yet this "empty" feeling...sigh...)
  • For oh, I really don't know. Lets see. Ok, well, for, lotion! I hate it when my skin feels dry (who doesn't). I love lotion (especially if its fragrance free!)
I want to say for blogger and all my blogger friends, but no "dum" in today's post. Want to save it when I can really wax eloquent about it!

And this is what made me laugh today:
  • Pri and her comments to me! Love your humor, Doc!
  • Pri's post about Love...A universal feeling. Mast hai.
  • A little devil toy on a car. Yeah, I have taken a pic (but of course!). Will post it on my pic blog if its come out good.
Hope the day will bring more laughter! To me and to you :)

Mantra for today: (This is a new feature. Starting from today, I will think of a mantra to follow for the day)

I feel lucky today

And well, I did start feeling better once I thought about it. Woke up feeling really down. And remembered I had written this in a comment on Keshi's blog, and decided to will myself to feel good and lucky. Been feeling much better since then! I feel lucky because..well...there is nothing wrong, nothing to feel unlucky about!

Wishing a lot of luck to you as well :)

Something special today: I stitched the pants I am wearing today. I am actually feeling quite proud!


Neeku said...

me too also love fragrance free lotion. :) They are really handy and useful... reminds me i should carry one...

Keshi said...

I love the way u spread positivity and make us all realise how LUCKY we r indeed. HUGZ n ty for that!

yday I went for a walk and saw this stuntman performing for ppl at the harbor...I felt sad for him somehow. He may be enjoying it but that's his source of daily income. I suddenly realised how LUCKY I am..I got a great job, enough monet to support me, enough to buy soemthing w.o. feeling gulity etc etc. So yeah, wut am I complaining abt!

Coffee is also something I drink every single day. And some ppl dun even buy it cos they think it's too costly for em to spend on everyday!

** I feel lucky because..well...there is nothing wrong, nothing to feel unlucky about!

Spot on and I love ur attitude!

I'd love to see the pants u made? :) Enjoy it hun!


Anonymous said...

today i m grateful to have a job :D

Solitaire said...

Try the hand healer cream from Bath and Body Works. Its awesome!!

aneri_masi said...

Hi Neeku, here's a funny story...I had forgotten to carry lotion with me when I went to India. So I bought some, and forgot to bring it with me on the trip back (duh!). So I kept collecting the little lotion bottles in the pouch they give on the plane (we went business class, so they had some really good stuff!). Two legs of the flight, and hubby's pouch and mine, and I have SO many tiny bottles of lotion now, he's asking me to open a lotion shop :)

@keshi, when you actually start thinking about it, there is so much to be grateful about, isn't it? More often than not we tend to think about what is missing in our life, why it is missing, and so on. I have realized that thinking about negative things only makes me more miserable. I actually look forward to waking up and writing a new post here now!

I had first started this on this website called "43 things". Its real cool. But I made the mistake of putting down some really personal stuff thinking "who will know me here", but someone did, and they were sort of following my life there. So I got out of there. I think I will join again, with a different identity.

aneri_masi said...

@sol, thanks! will try it out for sure. its really dry here in N. Cal, I hope it helps me!

Cinderella. said...

I love this blog of yours di.
Lotions are like life savers no ?
And I'd love to see the pants you stitched.

carolinagal said...

Ahhhh coffee!!! Brings me back to life every morning :)

Oh, btw can we see those pants you made?

aneri_masi said...

@Keshi, Ella, CG...those pants. ok, i'll try and take a pic with me wearing it. Its not perfect, but my first attempt, and it was wearable, so I'm happy :)

Pri said...

yipppeeeee!! u made my day! :D
though i got about seeing it late, but koi nahi, im glad i got u laughing...


Pri said...

ohh and im a coffeeoholic too :p
the addiction started in med school..has grown stronger ever since...

though im trying to quit! heehee