Monday, May 19, 2008

Believe in yourself

The mantra for today is

Believe in yourself! Trust yourself!

Even if no one else does! Because if you don't then who else will, and why would they???

Most of us are trained to live by the rules made by others, by the standards made by others, within boundaries set by others. We lose faith in ourselves, feel low and sad, if someone else does not approve of what we do, or if we do not meet someone else's expectations. That is one of the biggest difference between successful and unsuccessful people. Successful people don't always listen to the nay-sayers, they do not let the pessimists in their lives hold them back. They do what they think is right for them, and move ahead whether they have any support or not. They don't let overly critical people govern their lives. This does not mean you should be fool hardy and stubborn. You should think through what you want to do, try to weigh all the pros and cons, and if it makes sense to you, then go ahead with the plan, even if there is opposition.

So, folks, look to yourself for validation first! Your own approval should matter the most!

The blessings list goes thus...

Today I am grateful...
  • That I survived today's layoffs in my office. A lot of folks didn't :(
  • To my husband who taught me to be patient, and meticulous with what I do, especially my cooking. I cooked a three course dinner for 7 people all by myself, and was a great success. Thanks, sweetie!
  • For all my blogger friends who have been missing me these last couple days that I was gone AWOL :) I missed ya too!
  • For the lovely California weather
  • For caring and understanding parents
  • For the magic of life! I found a nest in my front yard today, with 5 tiny blue eggs. It was simply amazing


Keshi said...

I believe in myself only cos I know I cant believe anyone else. LOL!


Anonymous said...

and I think You r right... it is my own validation that I need first!

Great post dear!! I missed u 2!!

aneri_masi said...

@keshi, I didn't mean believing and trusting someone else to do something for you. I meant believing and having faith in your own abilities. I guess you do that as well too though, you're a strong one :)

@veens, yep, your own validation first, then someone else's advice or expectations!

--xh-- said...

aner, this is a very powerful manthara which can fire up urself... :) ppl who dont belive in themself dont achive anything :) so gald that u realised it...
as i always say 'first u should love urself. then only u cn love others'... and the love thyself comes from beliving in self :)

Keshi said...

hehe Aneri I meant that too :)



KP! said...

Everything starts with Attitude!

with right attitude one can truly believe in his self to live better life.

very positive and good post!

aneri_masi said...

xh, kp, attitude and self-esteem, self-worth can work wonders, isn't it :)

Ankur said...

oh wow... :D :D

the blue eggs... cool... keep clickin them and dont touch them otherwise the bird wont hatch them :(



aneri_masi said...

oh, I am not touching them. In fact, they were quite high up, and I could only see a faint outline of the eggs. I blindly took a few pictures, only then i knew there were 5 of them, and they were blue! abhi post karti hoon photos aaj-kal mein. they are still in the camera.

SwAtI said...

Hey Aneri!!
How r u doing?

Even I missed you.. :(

**Believe in yourself**... I feel this mantra should be on the top of the list for each day.. :)
I realy need it..
Thanks!! Keep them coming!!

Blue eggs.. wow!! so cute :)

have a great day!! :)