Thursday, May 8, 2008

When in doubt, assume the best!

The mantra for today is:

When in doubt, assume the best!

In other words, be more trusting, try to not to suspect the other person's motives.
We typically tend to assume the worst when in doubt. More often than not, we end up embarrassed that we let our imagination run so wild! So, lets assume the best!
I know it sounds a little too optimistic, I know, we do need to be cautious, the world is not that simple, etc, etc, but assuming the best may also reduce the misunderstandings that get created with pretty much every breath we take, with every step we walk! Just believe in the goodness, at least of those we know, ok, people?

And now for today's blessings...
Today I am grateful
  • For water! Enough said :)
  • That Veens is BACK, with some GREAT news!
  • For all the freaks that I met today, which made me feel less of a freak!
  • For the garbage collection service. Seriously, I can't imagine what I would do with all the trash if they didn't come to take it every week. Funny things come to mind when you start thinking, ain't it! (ok, now I am back to feeling like a freak!)
  • For this particular colleague of mine who thinks its his personal responsibility to make everyone laugh :) And he does such a good job! Thanks dear! You make life happier!
  • For that one friend who listened to my looooong rant last night, she just listened, without giving any unwanted advice. Listened until the rant didn't make any sense anymore...which means...the rant died, she helped me get rid of it! Thanks dear! You rock! You always know the right thing to say!
  • To xh and ceedy, for giving me tips for my pictures. But xh, if you tell me to go take pictures at 2:00am, my husband will say "iska ilaaj karayenge kya"? (Thats what he says to me in response to all my antics)
  • For all the folks who take time to read my ramblings, if not for them, I would not be writing!
  • For my dear, dear husband. 'Nuff said about him too!
This made me laugh today (and last night):
  • Talking to a friend after a long, long time.
  • Chatting with veens, she had me in splits!
  • Watched "When Harry Met Sally" and "Frasier" yesterday. Just too good!
  • My husband and the things he says. Total nuts!
Today's special:
  • I am wearing a watch my father-in-law gave me
  • I am wearing my mother's ear-rings (I just decided to take 'em, and she was quite glad to give 'em)
  • I am wearing a necklace a real nice relative of mine gave me
  • I am wearing my beeeautiful engagement ring (well, this I do everyday of course), that my husband gave me.
I thought of ALL these loving people while getting ready today, and it made me feel VERY special!

Am missing Pri today, she hasn't visited me yet :( Am surprised how quickly I get attached to people


--xh-- said...

wow wow wow, me too find a place here.. he he he.. dont worry, wake up hubby too and take him along for the night shots...

Keshi said...

aww beautifully put!

Yes Im glad Veenz is bak too. I miss my blogmates when they go away.

U r beautiful Aneri!


aneri_masi said...

@xh, of course you made it here! You're one cool person, always calm!
And woh nahi uthne waala :)

@keshi, thanks!

ceedy said...


i am grateful for this wonderful life :) and google for connecting all of us....

Anonymous said...


i m glad i yammm back... to a place where i belong!

i yenjoyed.. chatting yaar! i always do :D

abt the good motives wala part! u r right... u knw it is general way ... to suspect neones good intentions :(

dnt knw.. it is imbibed.. ki nahin... iss daal main kuch kala hai!! yeh itna kuch mere liye kyon karr raha hai?! kinds :-/

i m working on it!

***For all the freaks that I met today, which made me feel less of a freak!

-- couldn't resist mentioning it na :P

Girl u rock... this whole initiative u take... it helps me too...

i wait on for u too to cme n comment on my blog :D

i cant accept it .. ki u can forget TO COMMENT mere yahan pe! hehhe! even Pri... i m gonna kill her... where has she vanished :-/

actually she is a sweetheart :D

u rock :)

lov u!

have a good day!

Solitaire said...

You cribbed today? WOW!

aneri_masi said...

@ceedy, welcome back, bro!

@veens, arey yaar! I went for lunch yesterday, and I ran into a freak I had not met in like 5 years. Its like they were coming out of the woodwork! ek ek karke!

aneri_masi said...

@sol, am confused whether that was sarcastic or not :(

I crib a lot, everyday, only to a selected few though.

Anonymous said...

kya yaar kitne baar zilch ho jata hai,...

but anyway... enduring spirit is my name..and commenting until it get acceptied is my game !!!

m happy that u are glad ... u are special for me as i already wrote in a testi for u...and seeing u glad..(even with that empty feeling u seem to have)..make me glad too

so i guess..ill see more posts on this one..!! cheerz masiji and be happy...:-)

Pri said...

u cant even imagine how much i missed this place...
thought of you atleast 20 times in the last 2 days :(

had no acess to internet and so couldent be around :(

but now im BACKKKKKK!! *drumrolls in the background*


aneri_masi said...

@samby, haha, looks like my blog is doing its job, spreading happiness around :)

@pri, reallly! Wow! I am so glad! Where'd u go? Some place cool?