Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Respect time!

The mantra for today is:

Respect time...yours as well as others'

I waste SO much time doing "nothing". Sure I am not literally doing nothing. I surf the internet idly (when there really isn't anything there that I find interesting), I sleep even when I am not tired, I read books that are boring me to tears, I spend time making excuses for not doing things (its too boring, why can't YOU do it, I don't have time, you do it better than me, I am more tired than you are, I don't like it, I simply don't feel like it, blah blah blah and blah!) And when I have really done nothing worthwhile, the whole day, I spend the evening feeling bad about it! That I wasted the whole day, did nothing, I am no good, blah, blah and some more blah! I used to crib and gossip a lot too. Hubby got me out of that habit! God bless his dear heart for saving me from that!!!

I had my review meeting last week, and got great feedback from my manager. I came back feeling really good about the appreciation I was getting. And then I started thinking, I am hardly putting all my effort into my work (yeah, the blogs are a BIG distraction!), imagine what I can achieve if I got truly serious. I have wasted so much time! Then instead of feeling bad about the lost time as I usually tend to do when realization dawns upon me, I decided to "review" my day, and see how I can make the most of my time. No, not quitting blogging. I like doing it, I like writing stuff down, it serves as a good outlet for all my thoughts and feelings. Just want to get more organized about my day!

And now about respecting other people's time. Can't stress this enough as well! Everyone has their own work to do, if they are taking time to help you with something, respect that! Do your research thoroughly before you ask someone else to help. And when you do ask them to help, listen to what they are saying! You owe them your undivided attention! I phase out so many times when phone calls get too long and confusing. Its hard, but we do need to respect the thought and energy the other person is putting in! And never forget to thank them! Sincerely!

Last week a colleague had setup a "class" to get the entire team up to speed with some tools we need to use. He had prepared slides, and was helping everyone individually configure it as well. It was a complex system, and was taking time. At one point, I started thinking, gosh, when is this going to end, why is he taking so long...and I stopped the thought halfway. HE is helping ME. He is being charitable with his time, I should be grateful, instead of feeling like my time is being wasted!

To summarize, time is a very precious and limited commodity. We don't have forever to do what we want, to make our mark in the world. So make the most of every minute!

And now for the blessings...

Today I am grateful
  • For the chance to meet so many of my cousins and uncles and aunts, and other extended family.
  • For the opportunity to introduce my husband to everyone. I really feel good about it, that he has met everyone, and got along well with them
  • For the love and good will that I felt from my family when I met them. Everyone (ok, most of them were if not everyone ;) was SO genuinely happy to see me!
  • For the California weather! I know, I know, I keep saying this again and again, but Texas was hot and humid! Glad to be back home.
  • For all the tools out there that will help me organize my day
Special for today:
I finally remembered to carry my own bag when I went shopping today. Felt great to say, "I don't need that bag today, I would like to use my own". About 4-5 less plastic bags in the landfill. Yayy! One grocery store even gave me "bag-credit". I was super-thrilled when the guy at the checkout counter told me I'll be getting a credit. I was itching to see how much. Was totally shocked to see....3 cents!!! Then I laughed at myself...3 cents > 0 cents ;p

And my husband also laughed. Why you ask...I like to always be stylish, so I carried my nice pink Victoria's Secret tote bag to buy groceries ;p

And now I find this whole thing totally hilarious :) ROFL :)


Anonymous said...

so true

now i need to get up and do stuff i have been post poning.. andi need to respect people time too :)

i think this is smething i need to rememer!

--xh-- said...

so true.. this is something (respect ur tie and otehrs) i realised aft wrking with my US team. man, the way they organise and make sure no one waste time is awsome.. and congratz for taking ur bag and making one less plastic bag to the landfill.. :-D

aneri_masi said...

@veens, postponing ka option hi nahi hota to life kitna simple ho jaata na! We are so spoilt!

@xh, there are some pretty amazing ppl in my team...my manager is expecting a child in a month, and she still works from 6am to god knows when, across 4 time zones, and hardly ever complains. Its hard to NOT respect the time of such people!

And I saved I think 3 more bags today:) And the grocery store gave 3 cents of "bag-credit" for bringing my own bag! LOL!

Anonymous said...

what is a tote bag???

Anonymous said...

3 cents kya aa sakta hai...toffe choclte ysa kuch????

Keshi said...

hehe good one again. Ur on a roll arent ya!


SwAtI said...

Hey Aneri!!

Another precious pearl from your purse.. ;)

Life would be so much easier for me..if I valued my time n spent it well.. this post is a reminder to start it follow it religiously :)

Victoria's secret tote bag..hehhe..that was funny!! :D

I am said...



But the idea of this blog is great..I have 3 things that I try to dp every day...

do not keep an account of it though...

WASTING TIME IS THE most.. common thing I DO :(

aneri_masi said...

@samby, its just a big bag, with one big compartment, not gazillions like a purse would have.

@keshi, hehe, I guess :)

@swati, i am trying to follow this one consciously, simply because I am just not able to make time for stuff I really want to do :(

@tanu, what 3 things do you do? keeping a log makes us more "accountable" and aware of our wastefulness. can u share your 3 goals?
Yeah, well, that "special" was funny. I didn't realize that until I actually started writing it down here :)