Monday, June 2, 2008

Think before you speak

This one, I think is one I need to follow everyday! Not just for one single day.

Think before you speak!

I have a tendency to worry about things (to the point of insanity) and when things don't go the way I want them to, I find some scapegoat or the other (usually the husband, who, I claim, is not 100% innocent, but is still a scapegoat!) to vent out. And once I start, I completely lose all sense of what I am saying. Once I cool down, the 20-20 hindsight shows me what an ass I have been. But hindsight is no good, is it? There are, unfortunately, no reverse gears in life where you could use the hindsight and back up. The damage is done, the other person is really, really hurt. And more often than not, the point I am trying to make is completely lost in the verbal torrent! Not something I am proud of, but I figure if I speak about it out here in public, and hopefully get some flogging for it, I will watch my words :(

So, my mantra, think before you speak. If it is something you don't want to hear, then it is something the other person also does not want to hear. If it hurts you, it hurts them too! And if its hard to find something nice to say, then say nothing at all! Silence is definitely better than accusations.

And now for the blessings...

Today I am grateful...
  • For the hindsight actually. So that I can develop a good foresight :)
  • For a whole new week ahead of me to do everything I was not able to do last week
  • For the 5 new lilies in my yard :) They are SO beautiful!
  • For finally feeling good about my cooking :) Its a big milestone!
  • For the sweet words my friend said to me today (I had cooked some special pasta for her kid, and they all loved it :)


Ria said...

Yes very true!As they say "Words once said can never be taken back" shud always think b4 speakin something coz many a times v hav this habit to say anything tht comes to our mind....i hav realised this as a result of several arguments wth my guy! And many times i think i shudnt hav said certain things..Trying to keep a tab on wht i say!

Anonymous said...

Hmm yes...thinking before u speak is very necessary...thankfully..I am a MASTER in this art...i hardly speak...i just think....ahh..thats another problem...:-0

hoping for more things that make u glad masiji..:-)


Princess Mia said...

So true, there isnt a button for undo when we speak :(

Anonymous said...

so true... very much true!

God... we can't just erase smeone's memory...of the bad things we said....! well just THINK b4 i speak..thats my mantra today :)

thanks girl!

Keshi said...

very true. Words uttered w.o. thinking can go a very long way!