Thursday, June 26, 2008

Be unto others what you want others to be unto you!

I got called "a bundle of negative energy" yesterday.

Right when I was thinking the same thing about the person who said it to me!

I am not always the one rubbing off negativity, but at that moment it was me. There was this happy, smiling person, laughing and talking. Then I make one "cribby" remark and the other person's mood got soured too. It was not even anything about them, just a general comment, but that upbeat spirit felt sad listening to me.

They say when we interact with people, we see our own reflection in their attitude towards us. This is mostly true.

If you smile at someone, you're most likely to get a smile back (unless you have pissed them off big time!)

If you're nice, most likely even a rude person will get shamed into being nice to you.
If you're rude, most likely you will wipe away the smile on the other person's face.

If you're upbeat, you can lift the spirits of the most wretched and miserable person.
If you're negative, you will most likely dampen the spirits of an otherwise confident person.

So, be happy, stay positive, most likely it will rub off on others too :)


Ankur said...

awww... par aisa kyon kiya!!! :(

par koi nahi... ab ache bachche ke jaise give a big smile!!! :D

aur Shrek aur Shrink mai farq yaad karo..
hehe!! :D

ab hans bhi do yaar!! :D

humari good morning ho gayi hai... :)


Solitaire said...

What you are talking about is called "projection" in psychoanalytic terms.

I like how you used "most likely" for it is not always true.

aneri_masi said...

@ankur, always, you missed the point...sigh

Ankur said...

**as usual



aneri_masi said...

@sneha, ahaa, so thats what projection means. I would always wonder about it when you would use it in your posts.

abt the "most likely"...i guess its the stronger personality that wins.

Princess Mia said...

"a bundle of negative energy" noways Aneri, your the one who has inspired so many ppl to think positive on blogville. Well the only thing i can think of is if you were negged out it must be for that moment or something afterall we r all humans we cant stay happy n postive every single time right.
But usually yur always spreading *ve energy all the time....I dont get this

anyways have a good weekend n keep smiling.

aneri_masi said... know how it is... you are all brave and strong in front of the whole world, but there is just this one person who you can tell EXACTLY how you are feeling at that moment, who you can be so vulnerable with and know they won't take advantage of it and all that? I tell him all my worries and fears etc, and when these just get too much for him, he lets me know :) Am glad he did!

Anonymous said...

so right... i do that sometimes... sarcasm all at the wrong time..

i wish... i cud have something that chokes me for a sec wen i m about ruin smeone else's mood :)

Anonymous said...

Thats so true. Being helpful and cheerful always helps.

Keshi said...

very true!


Keshi said...

but..its not always the case. I mean we can always be upbeat ard ppl just for the sake of making em happy.

there's downtime too...where we need to express and share our sorrows with others.


Anonymous said...

so welll he got to knw how u felt..and u got to knw how he felt..and its okay in the be thankful ;-).....finally...our beloved masi is human after all

Keshi said...

come n share ur thoughts in my current post. cos ur married :). I wanna know what u think.

tnxx Aneri!


SwAtI said...

Hey Aneri!! :)

How have you been?
Missed ya too..

This one was a great thought as always.. waiting for more pearls of wisdom from u... :)


Princess Mia said...

how u doing babes....hope alls well...was just thinking of u...

Princess Mia said...

hey hey saw yru message on my blog....

babes nothing is constant so dont cha worry, morrow will not be the same am sure....btw the weekends just round the corner...yuhhuuuuuuuuuu

gunj said...

wonderful blog:)

Keshi said...

no updates?


kallu said...

Really good insight. We may read a lot of things but at the right time, they hit home. Thanks for the reinforcement.