Sunday, January 2, 2011

Going to distribute warm clothing..

This is a post by a friend of mine living in Delhi. Excellent idea, needs very little organizing, and anyone that has a will can do it:

 Hi there, we are planning to distribute blankets to the needy on the streets of Delhi. the plan is to buy as many blankets as we can, get out in a car at night and distribute the blankets to people who are on the streets. We don't need actual numbers to get going... we just know that there are hundreds and thousands on the dying of the chill while most of us chill out on new year's eve...

Here is his original post ... Going to distribute warm clothing (blankets)


Galen Pearl said...

What a practical kindness. When we had some cold weather a few weeks ago, I worried about the homeless people in my neighborhood. Now I have an idea for next time.

Because it rains so much here in the winter, I think I'll buy some inexpensive rain parkas to distribute.

Thanks for the inspiration.

aneri_masi said...

Thanks Galen.
I agree, it was indeed a wonderful act. I would not want to step out of my heated home to care abt the homeless, but I think next time I will..