Sunday, December 5, 2010

This world is awesome!

I stumbled across this blog that I have fallen in love with. It gives pointers on How to Find Your Happy Place. Galen Pearl has a lovely way with words, makes everything so easy to understand. I read her post Awe is Awesome first thing this morning. Loved it! It made me stop and look at the wonderful world we live in. Here are some awesome things I noticed today.

Pomegranates! We have a small pomegranate tree in our yard, and we harvested about 7-8 of them this year. I was trying to separate the juicy, red arils. It was a tough job. They were so juicy, that a little bit extra pressure and I would get splattered in red! So juicy that if one of them fell to the floor, the floor was splattered in red. That's when I had my awe-filled moment! This fruit is amazing! It is packed to the brim with such delicate things. And each one of them is safe inside the hard outer skin, separated into separate sections with soft white membranes. Perfect design! Awesome!

Fruits in general are awesome! I love most of them, and am overdosing on pears these days! Nature is amazing, so many different fruits, each one with a different structure, texture, color and text. Awesome!

The human touch is awesome! One loving hand on your head will make a nasty ache go away, even if temporarily. One loving hug will take away so many worries. So simple, so powerful! So awesome!


Galen Pearl said...

Thank you for mentioning and linking to my blog. I really do appreciate it so much.

My daughter loves pomegranates! Even more awesome that you have a tree right in your yard! When I lived in West Africa, we had a mango tree and a banana tree in the yard. It seemed like a miracle to just walk into the yard and get this luscious fruit.

Now I have berry bushes in the yard. I can go out in the morning and get blueberries or raspberries for my cereal. Also awesome.

Thanks again!

aneri_masi said...

Galen, I do love your blog, so more than happy to share it :)

I LOVE bananas!! The California weather has been really good to us. We now have pomegranates, cherries, guavas, nectarines, apple and quince. Also tomatoes, chillies and coriander. Of course am blessed to have a hubby who grows all this for me ;-)

You have blueberries! Those I totally LOVE!