Thursday, November 11, 2010

Be Happy in Making Others Happy?

What do you think?

I think not!

This is something my father used to say over and over to us when I was growing up. It got ingrained in me so much, that making someone happy was the ONLY way for me to be happy myself!

Now you can imagine how messed up that makes me! I am not sure of my own likes and dislikes. I go with the flow. I do things for others hoping it will make them happy.
- If it does, I am on a high....for some time. Until that person says thanks and moves on. Then my bubble bursts and I start looking for someone else to make happy.
- If what I did does not make the other person happy, it makes me very very miserable! Possibly making the other person miserable too!

And the vicious cycle continues!

I would revise my father's advise to say:
You are responsible for your own happiness. Only YOU can make yourself happy, only YOU have the power to make yourself sad.

Now if only I knew how to erase what's etched on my mind, and follow my new advise! Sigh!


Mysterious Mia said...

hey hey....i am so glad to read this post....perfectly makes sense to me, cos i feel like i sail in the same boat.

but you rightly ended the post.....i can so relate to it

aneri_masi said...

Mia, good, someone who understands me!
I ended well, but yaar, changing is hard, no?

Veens said...

if noly I could follow that advice too :(