Monday, October 26, 2009


Its a balancing is.

Like walking on a tight rope. It starts when you are born, and you try and balance everything carefully while walking.

Weight is added with every step you take, and more and more co-ordination and determination is needed to stay steady on the rope.

This weight, this baggage, it comes in various forms. Some of it is responsibilities that we need to shoulder as we become more independent, more mature. Some of these responsibilities are like the pole that the tight-rope walker has in his hands. It helps with the balancing act. Some of them, like caring for your self, your family and friends, helping the community are responsibilities that we need to take up. Otherwise we become that extra, unwanted weight in some one else's balancing act.

Others, like unnecessary worries, fears, grudges, ego, all these can, and should be dropped. Ironically, it is these back-breakers that we have more of than the good, grounding weights. We tend to convert our responsibilities into worries, challenges meant to stimulate our minds turn into stress, and somehow things unravel and begin to fall apart.

We need to learn to distinguish between the different situations of life. Necessary challenges should be accepted whole heartedly, discard what is hindering our progress, and keep walking.

We may be surrounded by people who love us, but that walk on the rope is a solitary one. We start off with a safety net provided by our parents, but eventually, it is just one single person on his own. We may have spouses, kids, friends, but maintaining these relations is also a balancing act.

I hope to make good judgments and walk to the finish well balanced if not perfect.

Wish me well, friends!

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Vetrimagal said...

Very well said. i want to read and re-read this page.

All the best.